Sports Acupuncture

Welcome Athletes! If you suffer from acute or chronic injuries or would like to improve your performance  – consider adding acupuncture to your regime. Acupuncture can be helpful to strengthens your body, improve range of motion, reduce stiffness and tension, address injury-causing underlying conditions. And if trauma occurs, acupuncture can help to reduce pain and swelling, increase blood flow to the injured area and promote faster healing. At our clinic, we successfully combine different treatment modalities to shorten recovery time after an injury. Your practitioner will recommend you a custom treatment plan that may include: – Acupuncture – Electric Stimulation – Herbal prescription (pills, tea, tinctures) – External Chinese herbal liniments, plasters, poultices, soaks. – Cupping – Heat therapy (castor oil pack, infrared lamp) – Manual therapy (massage, myofacial release, trigger point therapy, tui na) – Stretching, self-massage, acupressure and more.   To improve athletic performance we use Meridian test (or M-test) – a powerful assessment, treatment, and self-care system. M-test is one of the most popular methods of sports acupuncture in Japan. It was developed by Mukaino Yoshito, M.D., of the Sports and Health Science Department at Fukuoka University and acupuncturist of Japanese Olympic team. It allows to analyze muscles and  joints movements in relationship to acupuncture meridians and then treat possible imbalances in a holistic way.  Acupressure, acupuncture and stretching are used to balance the meridians.