Low Libido In Women.

Recently I cam across an article on CNN.com about women and low libido. It reminded me of a case when a young woman came back for a follow up treatment at my office and asked  “Can you do the same points you did last time? When I got home after the treatment I was ready to have sex with my boyfriend. And I have not felt this way in a while. Please!!”.  This was a wonderful news. It meant that the initial diagnosis was correct and the  needling protocol selected to address patient’s main complaint was working. Increased libido was not a pleasant side effect. Instead it was an indicator that the body’s functions were slowly getting back to the balanced state. So what does acupuncture do to increase libido?

1. Acupuncture regulates hormones.

If the low interest in sex is due to hormonal imbalance (female hormones, thyroid hormones, etc.) acupuncture helps to regulate the hormones. It is an effective and 100% natural and safe treatment method. Recovery does not happen overnight. You are looking at several months of regular treatments but you will start seeing positive changes as soon as after the first treatment.

2. Acupuncture increases blood flow to the reproductive organs.

Women can greatly improve their reproductive health either by doing abdominal self-massage, performing specific yoga poses, or getting abdominal acupuncture with or without electric stimulation. These methods successfully improve blood circulation in the low abdomen and therefore boost fertility and increase libido. Just like Viagra, acupuncture increases blood flow to the genitals.

3. Acupuncture improves energy.

Acupuncture helps to fight off fatigue. Low thyroid, low adrenal function and other disorders may cause low energy. Once the balance is restored and organs are functioning properly libido increases.

4. Acupuncture relieves symptoms of depression, anxiety.

Acupuncture successfully treats symptoms of depression and anxiety. Recent studies concluded that acupuncture is as effective as conventional therapies.

Acupuncture not only improves libido but also addresses the reason why it was lost or diminished.