Acupuncture Tips To Staying Healthy This Fall

With the upcoming transition between seasons, fall is a great time to assess your health and realign the natural rhythms in the body. Weather and climate can have an impact on your health and mood and can influence how you feel on a daily basis. Each season in acupuncture can be attached to a different natural element, emotion, and organ. For the fall season these are metal, grief, and the Lung. These are different factors, which can reveal to someone more information about themselves as the seasons pass. Knowing at which level each one stands is a great way to find your bearings and make any improvements during the coming months. Here are some tips you can follow this fall when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Keeping warm in the colder weather is an important aspect of staying healthy. Acupuncturists typically suggest wearing a scarf as the fall organ, the Lung, is the first line of defense when it comes to pathogens and diseases entering your body through your airways. As fall progresses into winter the Lung organ becomes more susceptible to the elements and keeping the area protected is ideal when it comes to your health. Acupressure on Lung 7 is also a great way to strengthen the Lung and combat the symptoms of cold weather such as coughs, nasal congestion, and trouble breathing. This point can also be used to alleviate neck pain or stiffness caused by the cold.

With grief being the fall emotion it’s important to confront any aspects of your life causing you emotional pain. Grieving is an effective process and allows your emotions to come to term with any issues that you’re dealing with. After the happy and exciting feelings of the summer, the fall gives us time to reflect on any past problems. This also goes hand in hand with the final property, the element, which for fall is Metal. The fall is a great time to discern what’s actually important in your life. Metal-like qualities such as strength, focus, and definitiveness, need to be embraced and used in your life to weed out any irrelevant issues that are holding you back.

Many people consider fall to be their favorite season. With the weather cooling and the days getting shorter, it’s a romantic and enjoyable time of year, especially after a long and hot summer. Eating warm foods to keep your body warm, staying hydrated to enjoy the many healthy benefits of water, getting regular acupuncture treatments to maintain healthy immune system, and following the previously laid out tips, ensures your fall will be a healthy and prosperous one. Acupuncture and other non-traditional methods of pursuing a healthy lifestyle can have an amazingly beneficial impact on your life.