Acupuncture San Diego – How to Choose the Right Clinic

Since organizations like the World Health Organization have already acknowledged the effectiveness of acupuncture treatments, most people have taken to acupuncture for pain relief. According to most studies, this type of alternative care is most effective for neck pain and back pain. If you would like to give this treatment a try, then you must make sure first that you are about to receive treatment from a qualified and well-recommended clinic that performs acupuncture in San Diego.

If you are just starting your search for the right clinic for yourself, then make sure to take the following factors into account before making your decision.

Prioritize personally recommended or well-reviewed clinics.

Personal recommendations from people you know and trust are best. Because you know them, you will feel more comfortable asking as many questions as you need about their acupuncture San Diego clinic. However, if no one in your circle is able to provide such recommendations, then you can always hit the Internet to search for local clinics.

As much as possible, limit your search to clinics which have their own websites and are not shy to post comprehensive information about their work. You may want to check out online consumer boards as well and see if any of these clinics have been the subject of complaints from previous patients.


Consistency is usually the key to ensure that your treatment is effective and completely successful for relieving your pain and discomfort. As such, it’s best to limit your search to clinics in San Diego or, if you want, the neighborhood you’re in. This way, you will always have an easy time fitting in the next session in your schedule.

Experience and Expertise

Just like doctors, acupuncturists also tend to have their own fields of expertise. As such, if you require acupuncture for back pain or neck pain then it only makes sense to search for acupuncturists with proven expertise in those areas. Also, make it a point to find out what types of licenses and certifications are most important to acupuncturists. When you start making appointments for free consultations, be sure to ask if they have any of those licenses, permits, and certifications.


From the very start, you should ask clinics you are considering if they accept health insurance and health savings account payments or not.  After all, it would be such a waste if you would not be able to use the considerable discounts and incentives that your policy or health care savings plans have to offer. But before that, do contact your health care provider and ensure that the cost of acupuncture treatments is indeed covered by your plan and may be reimbursed.

You should also take the time to find out what the average or benchmark is for the cost of treatment per session. This way, you’ll know if the clinic you are considering is overcharging you or not.

A Perfect Fit

Finally, in order to ensure a perfect fit between you and the acupuncture San Diego clinic you’re thinking of seeking treatment from, make sure that you consider as well the quality of facilities and services offered. In terms of facilities, the best clinics not only make use of state-of-the-art equipment for treatments but they’ve also invested to provide comfortable and well-maintained and sanitized surroundings for their patients. As for service, choose a clinic where you’re comfortable with both your acupuncturist and the administration and front desk staff.