Acupuncture for Weight Loss

Can acupuncture and Chinese Medicine assist you in loosing weight? The answer is yes. According to the Acupuncture America website, acupuncture for weight loss is successful because the practice “balances the electrical forces and allows the body and all its organs to function properly”. Acupuncture regulates digestion, balances hormones, supports healthy metabolism and other functions that are responsible for weight management. Recently OK! magazine reported that acupuncture and Chinese herbs helped Jennifer Lopez loose as much as 15 pounds. “She’s been gushing about how obsessed she is with acupuncture and herbs,” a source revealed to the mag. “Dong Gua Pi [winter melon seed, like cucumber] is Jennifer’s favorite, but she’s been using [many different herbs].” Chinese herbal formulas are designed to address specific needs a patients may have and are not “one size fit all” type of weight loss remedies. For example, one patient may need help to support sluggish digestion that contributes to weight gain while another may require assistance in addressing underactive thyroid function. See a licensed acupuncturist for a consultation to find out if acupuncture is right for you.